We've all heard that we need to be healthy and have well-being. But, what does that really look like? How do we accomplish this in our modern world where there is so much confusion? 

Did you know that healthy living is not a secret? It's based on time-tested principles which have been understood and implemented since the beginning of time. What if you could learn these principles to improve your life? For centuries, there have been basic principles that govern healthy living which have been passed down from generation to generation but is beginning to be lost over time. What if someone could teach you these principles so you could live at your optimal level? 

The Back To Basics for Self-Help teaches you step-by-step real principles of:
  • Simple Structural Engineering techniques for body movement for optimal performance, real strength, and endurance
  • Self-help approaches to improve your posture & relieve pain
  • How to feed your body what it really needs with principles taught around the world.
  • Sleep help & tips
  • The Six Areas of Health
  • What it really takes to live and be healthy

What does "Back to Basics" mean?

Within the Back to Basics for Self-Help Courses, you will find courses, videos, podcasts, pdfs, and information tailored to help you live the best life possible. Each course teaches you principles and the purpose of those principles, so you are able to develop a blueprint for healthy living. You will find lessons on:

  • Self-help for Good Posture & Pain Relief

  • Learn to Eat Healthy for your unique needs

  • Mini Trampoline Lessons

  • Sleep Tips & Help

  • Exclusive Series and Course

  • Recorded Podcast (coming soon)

  • Invites to Special Events

  • ...and much more!


Many of these principles have been taught all over the world for centuries. You will now have access to this information. At first, what you learn may seem to come from modern sources, but as you get into this process, you will start to see how these fundamental concepts have been taught for ages and will help you bring back the basics of living and eating healthy.

Back to Basics for Self-Help Courses Outline

What you will learn:

  • Posture & Pain Relief Techniques

    Find out what the true culprits of pain really are. Learn simple self-help techniques to relieve pain and stay pain-free. Many of these approaches have been safeguarded for years.

  • What Healthy Eating Really Looks Like

    Discover the blueprint of what your body really needs in terms of nutrition, portions and foods to add to each day and weed out the misinformation floating around.

  • Staying Active

    Learn the principles that are centuries old that are used in our modern times. For example, find out what principles N.A.S.A. uses for their astronauts to return them back to health after a Space Mission.


  • Will I be learning the Spinal Touch Plus Technique in the Back to Basics Membership?

    The Back to Basics for Self-Help Courses are focused on SELF HELP techniques for posture & alleviating pain. If you are interested in learning the Spinal Touch Plus Technique, you will need to sign up for the course separetly.

About the Instructor

Judy Moss-Anderson, LMT, NCBTMB is the owner of Ideal Bodworks. She was trained by Dr. Lamar Rosquist as a Spinal Touch therapist. In 2009, she received her certificate as a Spinal Touch Instructor. For over 15 years, Judy has been helping thousands of people get the pain-relief they have been looking for with the Spinal Touch Plus Technique, Reflexology, and Auricular Therapy.