The Key to Good Posture & Pain Relief is NOT a Secret

It's based on time-tested principles which have been understood and implemented since the beginning of time.

Whether you are wanting to learn self-help techniques for you or help someone you care about, the Ideal Bodyworks courses are designed to help you reach your goals.
The Key to Good Posture & Pain Relief is NOT a Secret

Easy to Learn!

What if you could learn these priciples to improve your life?

For centuries, basic principles that govern healthy living & easing pain have been passed down from generation to generation. Sadly, we're beginning to lose these simple truths. What if someone could teach you step-by-step so you could live at your optimal level and help those you care about?
Easy to Learn!

Notice the Difference? 

Ask these questions:
  • Would a line down the side connect the ear, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle?
  • Are the shoulders and hips level? 
  • Or does the body show hidden signs of distortion and disease?

Watch this 8:45 minute video to understand what Spinal Touch Plus is all about.


  • Back to Basics for Self-Help

    Learn the #1 cause that creates 98% of pain, simple "Homework" to improve posture for pain-relief, eating principles known around the world, sleep help, and much more!

  • Spinal Touch Plus Course for Helping Others

    The full Spinal Touch Plus Course is designed to help others alleviate pain with a proven method for retraining muscles to relax and release which improves posture and provides fast pain relief.

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