The Key to Good Posture & Pain Relief is NOT a Secret

It's based on time-tested principles which have been understood and implemented since the beginning of time.

Notice the Difference? 

Ask these questions:
  • Would a line down the side connect the ear, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle? 
  • Are the shoulders and hips level? 
  • Or does the body show hidden signs of distortion and disease?

Watch this 8:45 minute video to understand what Spinal Touch Plus is all about.

Easy to Learn!

What if you could learn these principles to help improve the life of someone you care about??

For centuries, basic principles that govern healthy living & easing pain have been passed down from generation to generation. Sadly, we're beginning to lose these simple truths. What if someone could teach you step-by-step so you could help others live at their optimal level and finally help those you care about?



    The courses & lessons in the Back to Basics Self-Help Series are focused on basic principles for a better everyday life. Each lesson is organized to help you retrain the muscles and body back to good posture. It also contains simple techniques you can incorporate for pain-relief.


    The full Spinal Touch Plus Course is designed to help you learn how to help others alleviate pain with a proven method for retraining muscles to relax and release which improves posture and provides fast pain relief. Whether you are a layperson or professional body worker, this course is for you.


    After you learn the Spinal Touch Plus Technique, join us in the exclusive members area. Here you will have access to additional courses to help you fine tune your Spinal Touch Plus Technique. You will also have access to printouts, webinars, podcasts, etc. Along with this, you will also learn things like the #1 cause that creates 98% of pain, simple "Homework" to improve posture for pain-relief. You will also be able to join the members area access to meet other students, ...and much more!


    We've created an area for professional massage therapists who are interested in learning how to open up THEIR OWN successful Spinal Touch Plus office (or improve their existing office or practice.) Judy teaches step by step what makes or breaks a successful massage therapist and office, how to really get clients, and her experience of having over 11,000 clients and how she got there. Please be aware that the Spinal Touch Plus Course is a prerequisite for this area and it is a limited enrollment.

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