Did you know that the key to Alleviating Pain & Healthy Living is not a secret?

It's based on time-tested principles which have been understood and implemented since the beginning of time.

Did you know that the key to Alleviating Pain & Healthy Living is not a secret?

Easy to Learn!

What if you could learn these principles to improve your life?

For centuries, basic principles that govern healthy living & easing pain have been passed down from generation to generation. Sadly, we're beginning to lose these simple truths. What if someone could teach you step-by-step so you could live at your optimal level and help those you care about?
Easy to Learn!


Whether you are wanting to learn self-help techniques for you or help someone you care about, the Ideal Bodyworks courses are designed to help you reach your goals.

  • Back to Basics Membership for Self-Help

    Learn the #1 cause that creates 98% of pain, simple "Homework" to improve posture for pain-relief, eating principles known around the world, sleep help, and much more!

  • Spinal Touch Plus Course for Helping Others

    The full Spinal Touch Plus Course is designed to help others alleviate pain with a proven method for retraining muscles to relax and release which improves posture and provides fast pain relief.

  • The VAULT (coming soon)

    The Vault is for Spinal Touch Plus students who have completed the course and want to take their skills to the next level. Included is the entire Back to Basics Courses, additional Helping Others Courses, and a detailed breakdown of each step in the Spinal Touch Plus course.

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Self-Help Helping Others (Coming Soon)